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14" Waxmaid Crystor C Silicone Water Pipe

14" Waxmaid Crystor C Silicone Water Pipe -


14" Waxmaid Crystor C Silicone Water Pipe

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  • Platinum cured silicone/BPA Free
  • Glass bowl
  • 2 Layer Perc
  • Magnet for lighter/Tool in slide
  • Two part structure 
  • Freezer Safe
  • Unbreakable

14" Waxmaid Crystor C Water Pipe

This 14" Waxmaid Crystor C bong functions just like a glass bong with the same efficiency. It gives smooth hits with its unique down stem. The bottom base is very strong and tight so you don't have to worry about water dripping.

It's made from BPA free and non toxic. It is made from 100% FDA approved food grade with platinum cured silicone.

It has a unique texture and it opens up as separate structure. The Waxmaid Crystor C comes with a 2 layer perc.

From the bottom, it starts with the body with a magnet next to the down stem to attach your lighter too. It comes with a glass adapter that goes in the glass bowl. There is a honeycomb perc in the middle with a top perc also.The top has a patent pending silicone mouthpiece.

All of this together makes up for the perfect silicone water pipe that makes it super easy to clean. Simply take apart the components and place them in a pipe cleaner formula

Only available in assorted colors