Stinger Detox Buzz 5x Deep System Cleaner Detox (4 Capsules)

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Stinger Detox Buzz Clean Total Detox


  • Cleans in 1 Hour
  • Extra Strength Formula with B2 and Creatine

Buzz Clean Total Detox

  •  Buzz Clean Total Detox Powerful- Cleans Flush Total Body Toxins in 1 HOUR 
  • Cleans: Urine, Blood, Sweat, Saliva, Tears, Liver, Lymph, Digestive.
  • Toxins accumulate in your hair, fat cells, blood, and urine. Tests can even detect toxins in sweat tears and saliva.
  • Buzz Clean is the only Total Detox product, eliminating toxins from ALL major body systems.
  • Buzz Clean works with your body to eliminate toxins naturally for up to a 6-hour window.

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