stash cans

What are Stash Cans

Stash cans are diversions safes that are a great way to hide your private personal life. Whether you enjoy herbs or want to hide some money, these safe cans are ideal. 

Some diversion safes are pop offs that have open from middle with a bit of force. Other secret stash containers require screwdrivers to screw a small panel off either on the top of bottom of the safe container. Some even have a tight vacuum seal inside to keep any smells from seeking out or water from seeping in..


There's definitely a benefit to using a diversion safe to stash your personal items then to just throw them anywhere.

Stealthy Design

Having a stealthy design is the most important aspect of being efficient at stashing something. No one will suspect it if the item is just an everyday house hold item.

Vacuum Tight Seal

Having a tight seal where no water or smell can get in or out is necessity for stash safes. Some items can create odor and this can ruin your diversion.